What Chaplains Do

Someone to talk to, someone to listen…

Need someone to talk to about what’s going on for you? Looking for people to connect with? Want to explore your spiritual journey with someone? Or maybe you just want someone to shout you a coffee?

Chaplain’s offers pastoral and practical support regardless of someone’s background or beliefs, and exist to nurture the spirituality, offer pastoral care and facilitate dialogue amongst the students and staff.

We’re great listeners and expert problem solvers. Chaplain’s are safe people you can talk to, bounce questions off, and pray with on campus.  You can trust us to be impartial and to keep things in confidence.

Chaplaincy also plays an important role in the civic life of our Universities and Polytechs – leading services and helping with rituals such as Karakia, the opening and closing of buildings, funerals, memorials and blessings after deaths, the blessing of important spaces, religious festivals, and tend to pop up at other significant moments in the life of a tertiary institution.

We absolutely love what we do, so if you’re on campus somewhere we’d love to meet you!

So find out who your local campus chaplain here is and get in touch.